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Annette Granados Hughes – Adieu Cliché: Moms can’t party any more

Photo: Kerstin Rothkopf

Being a mom is often hard work. So most of the time when you have a rare moment for yourself, you need to rest and rest and even more rest, to gain back your energy for everyday routine. But in my opinion – sometimes an even better way to get your power back is to let your hair down and go out as there is no tomorrow. When you simply conquer the dancefloor with your friends, maybe or maybe not – drink some booze again – and get in the mood for foolish fun, you feel like nothing has changed and no one will ever tell that you are a mother. There comes no guarantee for getting serious when you have a child – quite the contrary it brings out the child in you again. It´s so good or even healthy to feel that easiness from time to time, to be yourself and not a mom in the first place… be yourself and not a mom in the first place…

But there is also an advantage of parenthood – as a mother you get your master degree in effectivity – there simply is no time for a boring night out. So when I go to a good concert, I have the greatest time, because I can enjoy it so much.So that is my adieu to that cliche – mom´s can’t party. I say: Mom´s can party like no one else!

Love, Annette
Founder & Creative Mind WOMOM





Photos: Kerstin Rothkopf
Love from WOMOM
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