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Maria Ziemann – Adieu Cliché: Hello Motherhood, hello stereotypes!

The moment you announce your pregnancy the world sees you with different eyes. Mothers are these crazy hormon driven uber-creatures,  with the natural gift to take care of a person even when they are sick themselves, with slightly greasy hair, a mom-uniform and by no means – heaven forbit – they are not SEXY. These crazy females are a species on their own who meet on playgrounds with a practical haircut and cheap outdoor clothes which are out of shape in a greyish color to avoid obvious stains or because they simply seem to have stoped caring about themselves all along. Things need to be practical.

If you check fashion magazines – mothers don’t seem to exist.

If you check fashion magazines – mothers don’t seem to exist. There is a great divide between parent- and fashion media. These two only mix on very rare occasions which has a very simple reason behind it. Marketing budgets are not planed to target average women with kids but women who are almost still kids themselves. The paradox being now that we have the budgets to purchase, we are no longer desired by the industry. There is of course the other side of the extreme coin for celebrity moms which are highly under pressure to show off „hot post-baby bodies“ or another vulgar term being the „yummy mummy“ or even worse „MILF“. I am not talking about the vulgar cliché but rather the sensual woman in her 20s, 30s, 40s who takes care of her kid(s) yet remains a strong woman with her own interests. One of them being fashion or beauty topics. A woman who knows what her body is capable of and despite the stretch marks, loss of hair or more lines in her face she may feel more comfortable than ever in her skin. Even if she doesn’t feel perfectly fabulous in her body, she still wants to be appreciated as a woman of sensuality. Be it the sloppy mom or the vulgarity stereotype… Motherhood may shift our focus and make us get rid of unnecessary extras in our lifes but it never changes who we are deep down inside – WOMEN.


Love, Maria

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Photos: Kerstin Rothkopf
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