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Kerstin Rothkopf – Adieu Cliché: WOMEN vs. MOTHERS

„Because you are a mother“

Last time I´ve heard this sentence when we had our pop up store and a woman came in and said „mothers always think they are better than all other women“. This  wasn´t the first time I´ve heard someone saying something like that. That some women with children giving others the feeling that they are less woman because of not having children. This made me already think of a lot. Why? Because most of the time I had the feeling of being less a woman because of being a mom now. When people saying things like „you´re a mom now.. you only do mom stuff“ or when being pregnant/new mom having a special section in fashion called „motherhood“. Am I not a woman anymore? Do I need special clothes? Do I have to look different?   How could it come that there has become such a split between women? And with it such a tension between women with children and women without. There has become subliminal discrimination on both sides.
So – WHY? Is it because of the history, where a woman only was a good and real woman, if someone wanted to marry her. And even more important, if she could gave her man a child? When her main subjects where to be a good wife, to do the household and take care of the children. Does society still think like that? Is it still somewhere back in our heads?

I would love to take the „exit“ out of this craziness that still exists.

I would love to take the „exit“ out of this craziness that still exists.  I don´t need or want any special treatments or separations because of being a mother. I would also prefer to say I am a woman with a child, instead of being called a mother. Because I am  still a woman, who has their own dreams, a job and a life away from motherhood. So why should there be any separation of women because they are in different situations of life?  Does it anyhow matter?!  It doesn´t give any woman a good feeling. We´re all women, in every way and every situation of life. I think the main topic this all is about, is just to be a bit more empathic in some situations. I would prefer people being a bit more considerately when a woman with a crying child is at the end of a long line. I mean – it´s not only stressful for the woman and the child, everybody else is getting annyoed of it.  And I am not talking about special treatments for mothers. I´m talking about situations where more human empathic  is needed. There are also for sure some women with a child out there who still ask their female friends this uncomfortable questions like „ don´t you think it´s time to get a baby, clock is ticking, your not getting younger“.   Hey – we´re living in 2017/18, our main aim isn´t to become a mother or housewife. And I would love to hear women say proudly I DON´T have children, because I wanted it like that. No more explanation needed. And no one will be asking anymore“why not?“
This should be every woman´s own decision, wether she wants to have children or not. How she wants to live her life.  Let´s accept everyones decisions, treat each other with respect and sympathy. And sometimes it also needs to take things with a bit of  humor, even a woman who is a mummy of a dog or cat could wear a „mutti“ shirt. It´s just a way of looking at things.
 I want to say goodbye to any kind of separation of women. Stop comparing lives or being rivals.
Let´s stay together and support each other in every way and every situation of life.
Love, Kerstin
Founder & Creative Mind WOMOM





Love from WOMOM
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