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Anduka – Adieu Cliché: beauty

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Tell me what you see, when you deeply look into me. It’s quicker to judge someone than trying to see what is really the essence of that person. Beauty is nowadays defined by the number of likes you get, how many followers you’ve got or the amount of flesh you’re showing. We women get constantly ranked based on our looks, not on how beautiful our minds truly are. Character and accomplishments are put second while superficiality is put on a golden pedestal. It’s not the golden crown on our heads, it’s the golden heart beating in our chests. We all are lost souls in this goddamn insane world. So be the guiding light people are desperately seeking for. 

Nobody knows the exact embodiment of beauty. But who says we have to? 

That woman giving birth to new life, isn’t that beauty? The scar on that womans‘ chest who bravely survived breast cancer, isn’t that beauty? Those deep wrinkles on your grandmothers hand telling their own story, isn’t that beauty? Those crinkles on your mothers eyes when she smiles, isn’t that beauty? Waking up next to your loved one without any makeup baring it all, isn’t that beauty? I consider all of those little things as real beauty. Since we live in a world full of perfect imperfections with no space of quick judgements. No cliches. 

Adieu Cliche. 

Love from WOMOM
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