mano bag


Know that feeling, when you could need thousand hands? We can´t give you more hands but a little helper which supports you like a third hand. Because this super soft hip bag is always there for you, believe us. You can wear it in 3 different ways and style it like you need it. 

Say hello to this exclusive design, that we´ve worked out together with Munich-based architect and accessories-designer Kathrin Heubeck, who creates minimalistic handbags from eco-conscious materials only.

The leather used in this bag has been dyed solely with olive-leafs, a by-product of the Mediterranean olive-harvest. It is 100% chrome-free and plastic-free, and will develop a beautiful personal patina over time.

- 100% eco conscious materials
- leather dyed solely with olive leafs
- silver zipper with rosé lining
- extra long belt with silver buckle
- hand manufactured in Munich
- 100% chrome and plastic free

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