Adieu Cliché Jacket


Here comes our first jacket! 

Turn your back on boxes and say goodbye to prejudices. Together we can be the change. ADIEU CLICHÉ tout le jours!

Our jacket is handtailored in Nuernberg, GERMANY at the NKITH Studio – thanks to our dear friends we could make this dream come true! 

PLEASE NOTE: This handtailored kimono-jacket is onesize – one fits all! It is made of 100% organic cotton, combined with embroidery at the front and back. You can adjust your fit with the belt, so you can wear it the way you like.

- made of 100% organic cotton
- handtailored in Germany
- one colored "red lips" embroidery on the revers
- two colored "adieu cliché" embroidery on the back in red and rosé
- onesize fit with belt
- two front pockets 

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