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Shush! Not in public, lower your voice, how can you?! Parents still having sex – ugh, mom! Sharing your birth experience – please not, I am still eating. Showing a woman's nipple in public? Cover up! Moms dressing sexy? What a bad mom. We're all open, relaxed and comfortable when talking about sex, aren't we?

Sex is something that's difficult to ignore in our lives because it's everywhere. From childhood to youth and adulthood – where magazines, advertisements, music and movies etc. tell us the “truth” about sex, our bodies and how to be and how to love. But still sex is just not an acceptable topic for every day conversations. Talking about it in all it's forms – not only the act itself – is either a taboo subject or controlled by ideas that are formed by society. We're feeling embarrassed when talking about it – whether it's about gender, our bodies, desires, the act itself or pregnancy, abortion and giving birth etc. 

Why don´t just talk about it? We're all here because of sex. It's nature – let it bloom. Wear it proudly!

- relaxed fit (unisex)
- round neck
- 100% organic cotton
- locally printed
- fair trade

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