Everything we do starts with you, with her and me - we celebrate the empowering union of individuality and togetherness that women experience as they navigate their unique routes. and so we share messages, feelings and experiences with sustainable uniwoman clothes and products that can make life a little more easy going.

ADIEU CLICHÉ isn’t about fashion, it’s our way to transport with a design the experiences each of us makes. To show all of this openly! Most of all ADIEU CLICHÉ is inclusive and became a place to connect and feel supported.
We were tired of prejudices and getting put into boxes –
by others but also by ourselves. We say ADIEU CLICHÉ!

Every woman in every situation of life should feel great, just the way they are. Women don´t need any kind of categorization.

We all are strong, fierce, soft and feminine – always!

We get in touch with our emotions without hiding them.
We‘re not ashamed of being human and also making faults.

We can´t make all the experiences in life by ourselves as life as different plans for all of us. But what we can do is to share experiences, we can listen and learn from each other instead of judging and being competitors. 

Our mission is to prove that everything is just a matter of view.
That a woman is a woman –
in every situation of life.

Let´s find similarities and grow together instead of categorizing each other.

All of this is ADIEU CLICHÉ Studio … our products, which always transport a message with a lot of honesty and a little sense of humor, because life wouldn’t be the same without having fun.