It´s time to celebrate!

*** 3 YEARS ***

Ooops - with everything happening the last view months, we totally forgot that we turned 3 years old already in April!

.But hey - it’s never too late to celebrate! That’s why we asked ourselves why don’t celebrate it in August? So we planned a lot of nice specials for you!

Also we finally made it to do something we promised a long while ago: introducing to you our team! Sorry that it took us so long.

Here we go!
We started as a team of two - 
Kerstin Rothkopf & Annette Granados back in April 2017, just with an idea and no big plans or even expectations. All we wanted was to share our feelings and thoughts to connect.


After two months we met Tati and she just said „I love the idea, if you like I’d love to join the team and help“ and so did lovely Sophie who also offered her help just because she believed in the idea and wanted to support us. And we couldn’t be happier that we had this beautiful humans on our side to start the journey in July 2017 when our shop went online!



After this everything just happened so fast we even couldn’t realize what’s going on! Thanks to our wonderful community, a small idea became a real brand! (We still can‘t believe this) This brand is not just a brand for us - it was and still is a project of heart. A place and community we can share and exchange experiences, something that connects! We wanted to bring women together, say adieu cliché to boxes and categories for and in between women. And - it’s the first time we say it out loud - we think we achieved this.
We’ve learned so much from this project of heart. So over the past 3 years not only our brand family grow intern and another beautiful mind joined officially our team Fithawith💛


But also we connected with a lot of other brands, which was important to us since the beginning because GROWING TOGETHER!
The start up life also teached us some lessons. We had a lot of highs and lows.
And the start up life is still a heavy ride;)
 We have also learned that we need to to hand in duties because you never can do everything by yourself. We now have real heroes supporting us with our warehouse, shipping and customer service Chiara and Basti 💪🏼



But all of this wouldn´t be possibile without you - our wonderful community! This brand also exists because of YOU!
Thank you for being part of our journey!

And still, we can‘t believe all of  this is real. 

Love, Team Adieu Cliché