Dear Community, dear Customers,

Due to current developments of COVID-19 we also had to make some decisions regarding our company. As a Start Up these days and the following weeks will be quite challenging. And this decision was not easy. BUT - it´s always SAFETY FIRST! We all have families. And we all have responsibility towards other people. We don´t want to risk anybody. That’s why we will SLOW DOWN the next few weeks. Therefore everything runs a bit slower - all of your orders will be still processed but shipping will take longer than usual. So, for all orders placed after Tuesday 17th, shipping will take between 1-3 weeks. If situation will get worse - we also leave it open that we might not make any shippings for at least the next 3 weeks. 

We´re sure you understand this decision. .
To make this long waiting time for your Adieu Cliché product a bit more pleasant, we´ve created this little code for you: SLOWDOWN25 - enter this at your check out and get 25% on your order (valid until 2020-05-03). Thank you for your patience and understanding! .
And don´t forget we´re all in this together!

Sending much love to you, your family and loved ones.
Yours, the Adieu Cliché Crew <3 .

And to all other start ups,
small businesses and freelancers
- keep your head up!❤️