the power of affirmations

We see and read about it everywhere, about the miracle cure for our psyche: affirmations. A few weeks ago, we also thought that we would help our community get off to a positive and strong start to the week with weekly affirmations. 

Of course, we read up on the practice of positive thinking in advance and integrated it into our daily routine - but, wonderful souls, we don't want to withhold our knowledge from you. 

Affirmations are referred to as a practice of self-healing from within. By positively valuing or assigning actions or statements to ourselves, we can positively influence our psychic system from within. 

The most famous affirmation in the recent past is probably "Yes, we can!" by Barak Obama. But we, each and every one of us, can also make a difference through these positive mantras. Affirmations promote the belief that a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will succeed in everything. 

We believe that the power of affirmations is also always a matter of faith - but we also believe in Law of attraction. If we want something enough, we attract it like magic. And we believe that this can work with our mental health as well. 

A friend once told us that after years of being able to forgive the man after a rape, she was able to do it solely with the will and power of a positive influence on her thoughts (read her brutally honest article here: 

But how can we dynamically integrate affirmations into our daily lives?

We found a wonderful app (not sponsored) called "I AM." At your own choice, you get several positive affirmations sent to your phone every day, and you can recite them to yourself, save them, and forward them to friends. With every message that appears on our screen, we become aware once again of how strong and invincible we are. We will get through it, come out stronger and create the life we want to see. 

We have positive words for you every Monday on our Instagram account - save them, send them to friends who could use help right now. And most importantly, say them for yourselves. We are brave, bold and confident and we can create new positive and healthy habits for ourself. 


Feel free to tell us what's on your mind, what's helping you and how you got through hard times. We are here and listen. We love you.