Merry Treatmas Guide 2021

As you loved our last years GIFT GUIDE so much, 
we decided to have for this Christmas season another one for you!
Again with a lot of nice "treats" from some small brands we love.
And all of them are also female owned businesses!
Of course we don´t want you to consume and buy more than you need. But we hope we can make you a little bit happy with this gift guide and the little "treats" we´ve organized for you!


Christmas isn't only the time to make gifts for our loved ones.
It can also be the time to treat yourself with something special!
Make yourself a little gift - you are worth it!

Favorite gifts from our team:


How about some jewelry? We love the products of Dear Darling ! Timeless and responsible made from recycled silver and gold (made in Italy).

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(all products, no minimum order value & valid until the 31.12.2021)

After another crazy month, you definitely need some cozy holiday vibes? We got you! How about a little escape to "Club Paradiso"?
We say "Dream Baby Dream"!

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I am not the greatest fan of winter, the dark cloudy days kill my mood.
But, what helps me are bright colors! So, if you're feeling down from time to time, bring some color into your life!
I love all the lovely colors for the KVINNA bags - so this year, I will treat myself with a new bag, that gives me sunshine feeling when I hardly can feel it.

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When was the last time you did some self-care? Can't remember? Well I know about something, you can use for EVERY DAY self-care! I love the products from MUNICH GRAIN - especially the Coffee Scrub, that gives my skin such a soft feeling. By the way - this is also a great gift for your friend, mother, sister or even boyfriend!

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Life wouldn´t be the same without them! They are just like FAMILY! Friends are there when we need them the most but also are on our side in every day situations! We laugh, we cry and also argue together. At the end - they know us like no one else does. So this gifts are for those special persons in our life!

Favorite gifts from our team:

 I absolutely love the ZODIAC Bracelets from TELA WAVE  - a beautiful and personal gift for those we care about :)

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I just love REDFRIES !!! So I was even more happy about our collaboration!
My best friend will get one of our "SO HAPPY TOGETHER" Shirts, together with a calendar! Because I think we´re all looking forward to 2022 ;) All products are super beautiful and colorful, sustainable & made in Germany

With "HAPPY10" you´ll get 10% discount on all products! Have a look at REDFRIES ! 

This year, I want to say THANK YOU - to the people who were there for me the whole year. I chose for these people among other things something nice from amazing ceramics maker VIOLA BEUSCHER. Coffee cups that translate the message without saying it out loud: "You are my favorite coffee date!"

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Always a great gift - ART! For the cozy times at home I'll give my friends some new artprints to look at ;) 



As my sister loves to be outside, I was looking for something that keeps her warm. So I´ve decided to get for her a merino beanie from ALIVE . Everything is handmade in Munich and produced on demand!

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And last but not least -
how about a friendship shirt?

"Grow Together" is a good one to show the world how close you are! Or send your friends a sign, that they´re never alone withour "I feel you" Shirt



Just the best for the BEST! We definitely want to treat
our moms with something very, very special!

Favorite gifts from our team:

Something super special for all the moms! Products from THE GLOW ! We would actually recommend just everything! And guys - if you you want to give something special to your wifes/girlfriends - this is it!
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OF COURSE - A gift that every mom needs - our MUTTI Sweater!

A beautiful range of possible gifts especially for a new mom or mom to be! Have a look at our friends products MARA MEA

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How about a gift you can enjoy together? Make a "beauty day" with your mom.
We love the products from KIA CHARLOTTA - and it's all vegan! 

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 ARTPRINTS are for everyone!
If your mom seem to have already everything - how about  new art for the wall? Some change from time to time is always a good thing !







Ok ok, we don´t know how it is going with you, but gifts for men are for us always the most difficult gifts. Either they already have bought it themself or they just don´t need it. But we promise - with this gifts you won´t make anything wrong!

Favorite gifts from our team:

Sagittamed Deo


The BEST deodorant I´ve ever had. And the best: it´s UNISEX! The Probiotic Deodorant from SAGITTA - they are the  first to use live good bacteria in their deodorant and it´s fragrance free (no masking of smell) They also have a lot of other nice unisex products - so this is really perfect for dad, grandpa, boyfriend etc.

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I will get my boyfriend a box from SODESTE  We both love ITALY and good wine ;)
And as we are spending our Christmas this year with no one else, just us at home, I will give to him the "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS"  Box! Sodeste has the finest products from small producers all over Italy. So this is really something special!

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And as our shirts are UNISEX -
you also should give one of those to them! How about a Food Lovers Shirt - Mamma Mia!





This year I won't only get my dad super nice and soft and sustainable sweatpants - I will also treat myself with the amazing sets of NOTESBYK

Shhh - they also have lovey stuff for the little ones!

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I moved in with my boyfriend recently, so I thought to give something for our flat is a perfect gift this year! I love the minimalistic style of W Y E , timeless and on top -sustainable!

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All Illustrations by lovely Jelena