We have the freedom to vote - why we should use it

Dear all, on Sunday, September 26, the new Chancellor will be elected in Germany. 

The argument why you should vote, a single vote brings nothing, does not count. 

Because: this is exactly how a democracy works. Every citizen entitled to vote can cast his vote and thus determine the future of our country. Particularly in very close elections, individual votes ultimately decided whether a party would win. 

And that is exactly what this election is about - perhaps the most decisive election in Germany for a long time. In recent years, our society has faced ever greater challenges - covid, global warming and dictatorial regimes are just a few of them. But how do we want our country to respond? What do we want for our children's future? Our right to vote is a privilege. We must use it because we can use it. 

Those who do not vote give their vote to extremist currents. With every vote NOT given against radical parties and programs, we make it easier for these same parties to have a greater influence on politics. Not voting is not a protest. 

Voting is my civic duty. Of course, no one is forced to vote. But we have the freedom to do so and we should use it - because that's the only way a democracy can last. 

There is so much at stake. Global warming must be stopped in order to prevent unforeseeable consequences for all of us. We may not live to see it, but our children and grandchildren will. 

We love our cities, and we want to be able to afford to live in them with our families. 

We see the work of all those who care for our elderly, sick and those in need of care every day as a supreme human achievement, and it makes us so angry that they are not paid fairly.

Every human life counts. Do we want to live in a country where saving lives is even a discussion? 

There is so much more, nationally and internationally, where the work needs to start yesterday rather than tomorrow. 

This election is not just for us, it is most importantly guiding the future of our children. 

Seek out conversations with undecideds. Discuss with your parents, friends and, for my sake, enemies. Language shapes consciousness, never forget that. 

Cast your vote on September 26 - we are counting on you.