We had a wonderful time so far, achieved and experienced so many great things! BUT WE THINK IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!
Our name didn’t match the brand message anymore. Our aims.
From the beginning of founding this brand we wanted to think outside boxes, breaking with taboos and saying goodbye to clichés.
But our old name was put many times in the „mom brand“ corner.
A thing we never wanted for our brand - because this brand was and is for WOMEN!
Women in different phases of their life, on their personal journey!
Sharing things they still have in common, growing together!
So we take this very big and exciting step and change our name!
To a new name that matches the brands message 100%! 
And we couldn’t be happier to share this exciting news with you!
We hope you love it as much as we do (fingers crossed )


Love, Team Adieu Cliché Studio