Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

We are Adieu Cliché Studio

We began our year with the biggest news ever – we changed our name! Over the past 3 years we realized that saying goodbye to clichés and boxes is what we love most. There you go – we are even more excited with things to come in this crazy year of 2021. Let's all have a gooood time together with even more better days adead!

(From left to right: Sophie, Kerstin, Fithawit, Annette)


Meet the Founders

Hey! We´re Annette & Kerstin and founded ADIEU CLICHÉ back in July 2017, after becoming first time a mother. We we're tired of all those clichés, boxes and gender norms, that's why we try to break with taboos with ADIEU CLICHÉ and bring together women who are in different phases of life!


Meet the team

After very exciting two years we are thankful for all your support, love and most of all for sharing all your personal stories and styles with our products! It means the world to us to have such an amazing community!

This year we won the  Young Icons Award 2019 of ICONS Magazine/ in the category "fashion"


Meet the Team

One year of the ADIEU CLICHÉ journey! We had a lot of highs and lows - and just as we grow with the experiences we make in motherhood, we also grow with and on all the challenges life and especially start up life throws at us on a daily basis. 

But hey - life´s always a journey!



Time flies! Annette and Kerstin founded ADIEU CLICHÉ (formally known as womom) back in April 2017 and finally went online in July 2017. Shortly after founding ADIEU CLICHÉ we were lucky that Tati and Sophie wanted to support this project and be part of the team. We had no expectations for this project – just wanted to share our thoughts and ideas! 

And thanks to everyone of you - this journey is still going on!

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